Shay McConnon
Author & International Speaker
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What does Shay talk about?

What does Shay talk about?

Winning relationships

Shay's most popular keynote - Making the Magic Happen

First class businesses have first class relationships. Shay brings fresh insights to work and domestic relationships with lots of humour and audience participation. It is a high energy, content rich keynote that is packed with practical, workable ideas that will reduce your people problems and create more collaborative relationships across your business. Suitable for everyone in your organisation.

Conflict to collaboration

The Four Steps

Conflict eats into time, moral and profits. Managers typically lose 25% of their day to unnecessary conflict. This is time lost for creative productive work. Discover the four steps that defuse explosive situations. Learn how to replace conflict with openness, trust and collaboration.

Leadership magic

Win Hearts and Minds

Organisations are only as effective as their people. People are only as effective as their managers enable them to be. Discover ways to lead and inspire. Learn how to make your people a growing rather than depreciating asset. Create special people who will give you special results. Develop leadership, not just leaders.

Bring out the best in people

Communication continues to be the number one problem for organisations and indeed for personal relationships. In this entertaining and highly interactive keynote, Shay will show you how to handle everyday situations so you get the best out of your relationships. Learn the secrets that will enable you to be an effective leader of people and a master communicator.

An Even Better Place to Work™

Shay McConnon will share with you the culture change model he has developed for organisations like Siemens, Emirates, the NHS and others. He identifies 7 indicators for making your place at work 'An Even Better Place to Work' and outlines a system for growing and tracking these indicators across the organisation. Delegates will be given practical ideas for improving the impact of leadership, the development of teams and the quality of work life for everyone.