Shay McConnon
Author & International Speaker
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Why is Shay a leading authority?

The most charismatic speaker I have ever heard


Shay is the CEO of McConnon International Ltd. With 5 regional offices and over 50 consultants, McConnon International Ltd. offers global delivery of some unique leadership and culture solutions. You will benefit from his first-hand experience of dealing with global workplace issues.


He has spent 20+ years working with organisations on leadership and culture issues. He knows the challenges your audience faces and gives them the tools to deal with real work and relationship issues. He knows how to motivate and inspire your people to action.


He is the author of 18 books on personal development, many of which have been translated into other languages. His research ensures you will get quality messages that will have relevance to your people.

Creator of the An Even Better Place to Work™ Solution
This is the world’s first on-line, self-managed culture enhancing solution which is transforming organisations like Siemens, Emirates, NHS, Environment Agency and others. Audiences benefit from his fresh approach to the issues they face in today’s world.

Future Work Forum

He is a partner of the Future Work Forum and is a member of the government backed task force on Employee Engagement. This puts Shay at the leading edge of organisational thinking.

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